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Present-day organisations are facing complex changing processes. Consider the fast changing markets, social issues, new technology, climate and environment cases and globalisation. That requires leaders that are capable to connect people inside and outside an organisation throughout authenticity and vision. Leaders who inspire, who provide direction and who handle issues in a balanced way.

I’m more open minded, a broader perspective. More able to take short breaks and to listen more carefully. – Paulien

Inner space

It is a matter of learning how to use the source of our focus and creativity. That means that we become more conscious of the inner place from where we operate. We learn to connect our visible behaviour, the practical reality of every day life, with the inner space, the silence of our source. You need attention to do that, as a hinge between inside and outside. If leaders are receptive with their attention, they are able to guide the people in their surroundings from the focus on a mutual vision.

I experience a more quiet mind. Less reactive, more observing, and I’m responding calmer more often, or sometimes not responding at all. – Manager

Conscious attention

How can you handle your attention consciously? By standing still at your daily routine, by releasing yourself with the identification of restless thinking and to distance yourself from the automatic reaction patterns. And by connecting to the space where this all takes place; the spot of silence, the source of our mental process. Here inside and outside are connected to each other. You are in contact with other sources like intuition and the heart.

Focus en effectiviteit

Uit die bron, de plaats waar je binnen en buiten met elkaar verbindt en contact hebt met je intuïtie (buikgevoel, hart, innerlijke wil) kun je vervolgens energie putten om je leiderschap effectief te maken. Met de oefening in opmerkzaamheid voor de dagelijkse ervaring leren onze trainingsprogramma's je om effectief en authentiek je leiderschap te laten zien. Dat ondersteunt je om in een woelige wereld een baken voor je collega’s en medewerkers te zijn.

Focus and effectiveness

From that source, the place where you connect inside and outside to each other and where you are in contact with your intuition (gut feeling, heart, inner will), you can draw energy that makes your leadership effective. By practising awareness in the daily experiences, our training programs will teach you to show your leadership in an effective and authentic way. It will support you in being a beacon for your colleagues and employees in this busy world.

I am getting better in considering: do I have to do this job? Should I do it now? Instead of rushing off to do everything myself, instantly! – Manager

Influence on your surroundings

An authentic leadership role will increase the possibilities of influencing the surroundings in which you work and live. You inspire and you will express authority instead of forcing power; you create space where others can grow; you connect where it is divisive; and you mobilise creativity and dialogue where old certainties don’t comply anymore.

Mindfulness training as effective intervention for leadership development and stress reduction.

There is yet not much known about the effects of mindfulness training on how employees, and especially managers, perform in corporations. This research among 58 managers of a large Dutch bank, indicates the following:

Our research has led to three distinct results:

  • The participants noticed a decrease of their levels of stress;
  • The participants feel more effective in their part as manager and colleague;
  • There was an evident increase of the mindfulness skills (being attentive) among the researched group.

The participants also perceived some positive changes with themselves:

  • 91% take more time to reflect
  • 87% notice to be more calm and can see the overall picture in a better way
  • 85% are less carried away by emotions and thoughts
  • 84% listen better to themselves and others
  • 73% feel more vital and self-conscious
  • 73% work more focused
  • 69% can balance work and their private life better

Read the entire research report (pdf)


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